About Sceptre Ministries

The Legacy

The youth have always been a focus for enrichment at Shiloh.  Both Bishop and Pastor Skyers know that the future is molded by the children.  This is why Shiloh has extended itself to embrace educational initiatives that are designed to foster empowerment and self-confidence of youth through an educational Youth Symposium.

Now Shiloh has embarked upon a new vision.  Shiloh is “walking with purpose and striving towards perfection.”  With the help of the Lord Shiloh shall continue to both serve the people of Bridgeport and expand its reach outside of Bridgeport through use of multi-media technology and other computerized mediums; to leverage the modern methods of technology in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Shiloh has initiated the early morning MYC service where creativity is encouraged and youth regularly share their testimony as they step up to the mic (myc).

Shiloh Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

Shiloh has been training our youth for leadership roles in the ministry.  Youth are encouraged to take up the spiritual baton and be a voice of inspiration to the brethren and their peers, as we all face and confront the challenges of living a God-centered life.  Shiloh has no intention of abandoning the cultural values that played such a vital role in its inception; however, we are forever mindful that we are required to utilize changing methods to communicate the changeless Word of God.

Our fervent prayer and desire is that all the churches within the body of our Lord Jesus Christ will, with boundless love, prosper and grow.  

Shiloh Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ
Shiloh Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ
Shiloh Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

Our Mission

  • Build strong families through worship & social activities
  • Establish the Kingdom of God on Earth
  • Empower believers to do the work of evangelism
  • Prepare leaders to be agents of positive change

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